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Fund Holdings of OCTAVIAN ADVISORS LP Filed on 2012-02-14

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1. Fund Information

Fund Manager
Address745 FIFTH AVENUE,
NEW YORK, NY, 10151
::Google Map
Phone(212) 224-9520
13F Asset Last Qtr$35,833,000
13F Asset This Qtr$119,757,000
Asset Change234.21%

2. Comparison of Holdings by Sectors with Last Quarter

3. Top 20 Holdings (Value) of This Quarter

No.SecurityPut/CallStockSharesValue(x$1000)Activity(Shr)% Port.
1.)BEAM INCBEAM579,638$29,695New24.80%
2.)NEWMONT MINING CORP. (HOLDING CO.)NEM395,000$23,704New19.79%
4.)RALCORP HOLDINGS, INC.RAH130,000$11,115New9.28%
5.)ORIENT EXPRESS HOTELS LTD.OEH1,370,300$10,237New8.55%
6.)GLOBAL EAGLE ACQUISITION COR1,000,000$10,090New8.43%
7.)IVANHOE MINES LTDIVN305,000$5,405New4.51%
8.)OCEAN RIG UDW INC SHS393,000$4,795New4.00%
9.)MKT VECT GOLD MNRSGDX92,900$4,777Unchanged3.99%
10.)NOVAGOLD RESOURCES, INCNG392,093$3,325Cut -39.26%2.78%
11.)MARKET VECTORS ETF TRJR GOLD MINES ETFGDXJ121,600$3,004Added 170.22%2.51%
12.)GENIE ENERGY LTDGNE78,800$625New0.52%

4. Top 20 (Value) Holdings BOUGHT NEW in This Quarter

No.SecurityPut/CallStockShares NEWValue(x$1000)% Port.
1.)BEAM INCBEAM579,638$29,69524.80%
2.)NEWMONT MINING CORP. (HOLDING CO.)NEM395,000$23,70419.79%
4.)RALCORP HOLDINGS, INC.RAH130,000$11,1159.28%
5.)ORIENT EXPRESS HOTELS LTD.OEH1,370,300$10,2378.55%
6.)GLOBAL EAGLE ACQUISITION COR1,000,000$10,0908.43%
7.)IVANHOE MINES LTDIVN305,000$5,4054.51%
8.)OCEAN RIG UDW INC SHS393,000$4,7954.00%
9.)GENIE ENERGY LTDGNE78,800$6250.52%

5. Top 20 (Value) Holdings Totally SOLD OUT in This Quarter

No.SecurityPut/CallStockShares SOLDValue(x$1000)% Port. Last Qtr
2.)GLOBAL EAGLE ACQUISITION COR UNIT 99/99/99991,000,000$10,05028.05%
3.)BARCLAYS BK PLC IPTH S&P VIX NEW24,749$1,3213.69%