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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you include all the institutional investors who file SEC 13F form? The answer is YES. However, we exclude very few firms from our database that may not hold any 13F defined securities, such as stocks and options or don't follow the SEC 13F filing rules. We try our best to develop intelligent computer algorithms to accurately extract data from these irregular SEC 13F filings. Overall, we cover major institutions and around 95% of all SEC 13F filings.

Q: Do your data correctly reflect institutional investor holding information? The answer is YES and NO. We extract the security holding data from SEC 13F filings according to the format that SEC specifies. Thus, we are very confident that the data shown on our web sites correctly reflect the 13F filings by institutional investors with SEC. However, we have observed many times that some institutional investors do not follow the required 13F format and some of the holding data are obviously incorrect. Please check the original 13F filings for details.

Q: What are the major differences between fundville.com and other institutional security holding sites? We provide the most accurate and user-friendly institutional investor holding information online, for FREE. Our data quality is on the same scale as the commercial providers or even better. Also, we are the only one that provides detailed stock option call/put data. Our database covers more institutional investors and provides better filing data even than some commercial data providers. Our data is more accurate and better presented than those institutional holding information from major portals such as Yahoo Finance, NASDAQ, and MSN Finance. Simply compare our result of SAC Capital Advisors with those of other sites, you will see the huge quality difference.

Q: When will you add community features such as comments, forums, and blogs to your site? We will add more features as we progress. Please kindly send your suggestions to support@fundville.com.

Q: How often do you update the web site? We will update the site often to add new features and make the site more user friendly. However, for the institutional investor holding data, we only update quarterly on around 2/15, 5/15, 8/15, 11/15 of each year. The institutional investors are required to file their 13F forms to SEC no later than 45 days after the previous quarter ends. Most institutional investors choose to file quarterly holdings on 2/14, 5/14, 8/14 and 11/14. In the future, we will incorporate the 13D and 13G data.

Q: Are the fund assets shown in your data the same as asset under management in funds' factsheet? The answer is mostly like NO. The institutional investors are only required to file with SEC quarterly for their holdings of so called SEC 13F securies, such as stocks, options, bonds, ETFs. The institutional investors may also hold cash, short positions, derivatives, private investment and others. Sometimes, the reported portfolio is only a very small part of the overall asset under management.